During one of the many calls I have on a regular basis with my musician and audio professional friends, it dawned on me what a priveldge these conversations are and thought it might be a good idea to share them with a larger audience as a way to take a look into guests listening habits as well as just simply turn folks on to good music.

I am an avid music consumer and listener, but through this exercise of having friends send me records to discuss, I have been amazed at how many are new to me! The world of music is vast and amazing. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I have and discover a few new albums or artists along the way! 

Our first episode is with the inimitable guitarist Bill Frisell. His tone, playing and musical spirit is unmistakeable. Bill sent me Wes Montgomery's album Tequila, and we especially focused on the track "Bumpin' on Sunset".
Listen Here!

Add us to your favorite podcast feed and tune in next week! So many great DISCussions coming your way!


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