The Decemberists' ninth album, As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again, is out now. In 2003 I got a call from Colin Meloy about maybe recording his band, The Decemberists. Tape Op contributor, Adam Selzer, had already recorded some tracks for what would be their second album, Her Majesty the Decemberists. I recorded and co-produced seven songs, and it was a period where I really felt my strengths as a producer/arranger/engineer were finally coming together. The album was a treat to track and mix. They carried on making more albums with my pal Chris Walla, and he eventually roped in Tucker Martine to engineer. Tucker has now engineered and produced a number of The Decemberists' albums – even doing some stuff at my studio Jackpot! – and he jumped in here to help focus Colin's songwriting and deliver another great album for this band. ANd don't forget our buddy John Congleton produced 2018's I'll be your Girl as well.
-Larry Crane

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