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March 18, 2016  |  No. 112

Gavin Lurssen: Mastering with a Master

by Larry Crane

Mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen has been behind the console since 1991, won three Grammys and one Latin Grammy, and runs Lurssen Mastering — one of Southern California's busiest facilities....

Nov. 28, 2005

Mastering with John Cuniberti

by Allen Whitman

Would you first give your definition of mastering and why it matters? Mastering is the last creative process in the chain and the final technical check before duplication. Creatively, an artist can...

July 15, 2002  |  No. 30

Howie Weinberg: Mastering engineer of the stars


Howie Weinberg got his start in the Masterdisk mailroom, believe it or not. As a huge fan of music, Howie sought a purpose to support his passion, and he had always dreamed of working in the...