Session Musicians

Stories and wisdom from the other side of the glass.

May 6, 2021  |  No. 143

Nate Smith: Listening Hard

by Geoff Stanfield

A drummer can make or break a session, and I have always loved getting their perspectives on the recording process as well as the variety of roles they play in the studio. After several solo records...

May 19, 2018  |  No. 125

Matt Chamberlain: Perfect Timing

by Geoff Stanfield

Over the last 20 years Matt Chamberlain has contributed to a staggering variety of recordings including David Bowie, Tori Amos, Frank Ocean, Miranda Lambert, Bill Frisell, Brad Mehldau, Fiona Apple,...

Sept. 15, 2009  |  No. 73

Al Kooper: Hendrix, Dylan, Skynyrd, Stones

by Pete Weiss

Al Kooper's musical resume reads like a rock and roll version of Where's Waldo. Sometimes he's right there staring at you, other times you have to sleuth around to find him lurking in the shadows. But...

Sept. 15, 2004  |  No. 43

Dave Mattacks: Recording Drums

by Jason Hatfield

Dave Mattacks is arguably one of the world's best drummers. His recording credits include: Joan Armatrading, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Brian Eno, George Harrison, Jethro Tull,...

Jan. 15, 2003  |  No. 33

Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta

by Larry DeVivo

Tony Levin is one of the masters of bass guitar and the Chapman Stick, having played with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel [Tape Op #143], James Taylor, California Guitar Trio, Paul Simon, John Lennon,...