Contributing writer Allen Farmelo started off writing a review of the Stanford Research Systems PERF-10 rubidium audio clock for Tape Op. After many hours of immersive listening and extensive research into digital audio clocking, Allen's review grew into a case study that explained the historical context as well as the basic technical concepts of external clocking. The editors of Tape Op encouraged Allen to publish this now long-form paper on his own, a website better suited for essays and narrative investigations, where he could also retain full control over future edits and updates.

"The Future of Clocks: Clarifications in the Audio Clocking Paradigm" is now available as Pink Paper #2 on

Although the editors of Tape Op may not agree with some of the statements made in Allen Farmelo's "The Future of Clocks" Pink Paper, we feel that Allen does raise a number of interesting and credible points. As is the case with all links on to third-party websites, Tape Op is not responsible for and has no control over the content of

— Andy Hong, Gear Reviews Editor

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