The garbage can do what?

All around your home are lots of great musical aids that you can't buy in a music store. The garbage can is one of my favorites, especially a large metal one. Be sure to clean it out well. The first time I used one for recording I ended up with glass all over my bedroom, I mean, studio carpet.

Can Cave Lens

Hang the garbage can from the ceiling. Then hand a small amp inside of it. The amp shouldn't touch the can. Mic from above or place a PZM inside the can on the bottom. You also could place the can on the floor and use bricks as risers. Or, instead of hanging the amp, place it in the bottom of the can. The sound changes a lot with each variation.

An Aside

You ever trip on cables? Run those cables overhead. Your studio will be less cluttered and easier to navigate. All my mixer cables go straight up into my rafters, route to locations above mic stands and drop down into place. I do this between keyboards and amps, too. No rafters? Place hooks into the ceiling. I add them when there isn't a rafter near enough.

Base Drum

Secure the garbage can to a chair with bungee cords or rope. Place a microphone a the open end. Strike the can with sticks or a large mallet. If you don't have a large mallet, stick a smaller mallet into several consecutive socks to create a larger, softer striker. Use tape, twine wire, etc. to secure the socks just below the striker. Or, put a rubber ball inside a sock and swing it at the can.

Reasonable Resonation

Place a xylophone, glockenspiel, autoharp, slide guitar, etc. on top of the open garbage can. The can should boost the volume of the instrument. Place a microphone inside the can, above it or both. You can sing, shout, scream, snarl and sputter into it.

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