Jul/Aug 2017

Welcome to issue #120 of Tape Op.


Real “magic” is not in a vintage console. It is not imbued in the walls of a famous studio. It’s not in the floor of an old, rented house. It’s not in the crisp air high in the mountains, or in the thick atmosphere near the swamps. It’s not in a tube circuit within a steel chassis. It’s not in a blank reel of tape or an empty hard drive. It’s certainly not in a microphone, sitting alone in an empty room.

It’s in collaborations. It’s in seeing the beauty in mistakes. It’s in being open to all possibilities, yet finding a clear direction. It’s in supporting emotional connections. It’s in protecting pure beauty, or exaggerating ugliness.

Magic is in the music. It’s in you.

— Larry Crane, editor

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Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking w/ Andy

by Andy Hong

Years ago, I reviewed the Eclipse Tools 900-005 Cable Tie Gun [Tape Op #29]. If you’ve ever used a tool like this to tension and cut cable ties, you’ll never go back to using your fingers...


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Cable Management Sleeve

by JOTO  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

The landlord of our new studio location really likes organized racks and cables. His control room looks like a server farm installed by IBM. Cables are loomed, labeled, and cut to length. No excess...

guitaRF Reflexion Filter

by SE Electronics  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

When SE Electronics invented the trademarked Reflexion Filter [Tape Op #56] in 2006, I recall many engineers in our industry thinking it was a groundbreaking product, while others were skeptical....

Model F511 USB Fan

by Opolar  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

Opolar sells a variety of fans. The F511 is a 9’’ diameter, three-blade desktop model with two speeds and a built-in stand. It can be useful in remote-recording situations or anywhere you...

bx_subfilter Plug-in

by Brainworx  |  reviewed by Scott McChane

Four knobs, a three-position switch, and no bull! bx_subfilter is touted as a simple but effective tool for tightening up bass frequencies, and it is 100% free for all Plugin Alliance members....

USB Detector Power Meter

by Yueqing Towon (OEM)  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

USB products are everywhere. macOS-based mastering engineers have been dealing with external disc burners for many years, ever since Apple decided internal units were passé. And it seems...

Red Range

by Focusrite  |  reviewed by Andy Hong, Neil Mclellan

The Red Range is Focusrite’s latest series of audio interfaces, currently comprised of the Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre. The former has four built-in Red Evolution preamps, and a total I/O...


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