It's pretty awesome to stumble across a quarterly print 'zine that's "dedicated to increasing visibility for women working in live and recorded sound." Women in Sound is the product of editor Madeleine Campbell, a young recording engineer working in the Pittsburgh area. Issue #1 features Heba Kadry of Timeless Mastering [Tape Op #110]; Catherine Vericolli of 513 Recording; Kate Davis of Track and Field Records; veteran home-taper Linda Smith; rapper Moor Mother Goddess; keyboardist Dottie Alexander; composer/artist Holly Herndon; electronic artist blursome; musician Jennifer Baron; and Kelley Coyne, Laura Dean, and Sami Perez of Women's Audio Mission. The mag is illustrated by Elly Dallas, designed by Maggie Negrete, and styled as a Xeroxed 'zine reminiscent of the '90s era that inspired the early Tape Op aesthetic. It's awesome to read the stories of so many women making music and records, and hopefully, Women in Sound will inspire many others to join us in this field. 

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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