When F. Reid Shippen reviewed the 500-series Mäag EQ4 [Tape Op #88], he gave the six-band EQ high marks while pondering, "I also have to wonder if the EQ4 might not be a really cool mastering tool." Well, the guys at Mäag Audio have delivered, and here is a rackmount, stereo version of the EQ4 — and the M stands for Mastering. All the EQ features of the original are here, plus true in/out bypass, a transparent input attenuator, and an extra 15 kHz selection on the famously awesome Air Band®. I find this new frequency choice invaluable for vocals. The unit also has an internal power supply with rails that supply ±18 V, as opposed to the standard ±15 V seen in 500-series frames, resulting in higher headroom. The controls are detented for quick matching between channels and for easy recall. Note that they are not true stepped switches but instead are detented potentiometers, though I never once noticed any problematic discrepancies between channels. I have two Mäag EQ2 modules in my 500-series frame that I use extensively while mixing. I love Mäag EQs, and the EQ4M is a worthy addition to their product line. Look up Reid's observations on the EQ4 [#88], and you'll be ready to own a Mäag too. 

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