This is one of the best guides to making the best recordings out there, but in fact, it's not really about recording. Jesse Cannon, who has contributed to Tape Op in the past, has himself been the subject of an interview [Tape Op #97], in which he discussed the excellent, often updated book Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business, which he co-wrote with Todd Thomas. Jesse's most recent work, Processing Creativity, is ostensibly geared towards songwriters, musicians, and bands; but the lessons within will seem familiar to anyone with years of experience in the studio. Topics cover creating emotional and resonant songs, collaborating, dealing with criticism, keeping perspective, avoiding bad advice, finding inspiration, and many other important concepts and skills. I found so much of the advice in this book very familiar, as it lines up with many of the thoughts I've had about working with music and in studios over the last 32 years. Knowledge like this can help many of us "grow up" faster, and gain the wisdom and tools necessary to deal successfully with artists as we make records. What is holding anyone back from creating music they are truly happy with? As this book says on the back cover, it will help you "navigate the countless creative pitfalls" once you read and take to heart the advice in these pages.

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