Acoustic Geometry has completed some nice upgrades to the already outstanding, first-generation Curve Diffusor [Tape Op #88]. The Curve is a surface or stand–mountable acoustical treatment product that resembles a lengthwise slice of a giant pipe. Unlike single-function treatments, Curve is an all-in-one diffusor, absorber, and diaphragmatic bass trap.

Structurally, the new units have an aluminum body and a steel frame that replace the lighter structure of the original. In addition to wall and stand–mounting options, special hardware is also available for ceiling-mounting, giving peace of mind for those who plan on overhead installation. In the new version, the mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) membrane has improved bass-trapping performance due to the interplay with the new frame, and the proprietary tuning changes made to the end caps. Also, the Curve can work in tandem with the new Acoustic Geometry CornerSorber, to provide even wider low-frequency absorption.

The only drawback with the new Curve is that its standard sizing has been reduced to two models — small (14.5’’ wide × 42’’ tall × 5’’ deep) and medium (21’’ × 42’’ × 7’’). The large size (31’’ × 42’’ × 11’’) is still available by special order, as are custom lengths. Most buyers choose small and medium, so Acoustic Geometry decided to focus on those formats for cost-effectiveness.

Curve Diffusor’s constant-radius design is phase-coherent, and almost always a better choice than going full-on absorption. Numerous fire-safe fabric colors are available, as well as custom paint and veneer finishes. Curve units can be purchased individually or within Pro Room Packs.

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