My colleague, Kevin Becka, is one of the founding studio recording teachers at The Blackbird Academy in Nashville, along with Tape Op contributor Mark Rubel. Kevin, being a teacher, saw a need for a concise book that provides an introduction to audio recording for his students. I wish this 77-page book, subtitled "Must-Know Audio and Recording Principles," existed many years ago when I began recording my own music. Clearly written chapters outline microphones, cables, speakers, DAWs, plug-ins, and other hardware. Then voltage, meters, and audio levels are explained. Practical studio knowledge for mic placement, distortion, and gain structures are mapped out, along with using EQ and compression. This is the first book on recording I have ever seen that explains how to coil cables properly and why you should leave more mic cable slack at the stand. That enough should be proof that Kevin Becka not only has helmed many sessions, but that he can educate properly as well. I love The Blackbird Academy Foundations and will be recommending it to anyone jumping into the world of music recording – and to a few that may have gaps in their knowledge they're not aware of!

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