If you have a studio, you have a microwave – odds are the inside of which looks and smells like a truck stop toilet apocalypse (or a Hertz rental car return from Burning Man). Interns would rather quit or buy a new microwave rather than clean it. So, what's an engineer to do? There are chemical products that work, but the fumes are nasty, plus who knows what the residue is doing to us. It turns out all we need is some generic white vinegar, water, and an Angry Mama.

This lady is a four-inch tall paraben-free plastic figure who looks like her hands are on her hips saying, "Did you leave that ribbon mic uncovered all night?" Lift off her head, fill with water and white vinegar then close her up. Microwave on high for three to five minutes. Steam from Mama's built-in vents circulates and devastates the crud on the walls of your oven. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and add some lemon juice. Mama seems to work better while making the oven smell pleasant. The first cleaning may take two attempts, but after that, stains wipe off with a paper towel once Mama is done steaming.

A gross microwave could make your clients think you don't care about details. Did I mention it's also gross? Angry Mama is one friend you want to let vent! She's also a green solution that works in minutes, and people will think you're a good human.

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