This book, subtitled Stompbox Effects for Creative Music Making, is a welcome guide to how the conversation around instrument pedals and recording has evolved over the past few years, especially with the introduction of simple interfacing solutions like the EXTC [Tape Op #100] from Radial Engineering, Casa Distortion's PEDALpUNK! [#117], or the Meris 440 Mic Preamp [#103] with a built-in effects loop. It's easier than ever to use pedals for tracking and mixing, and they can bring a wide variety of color to the table.

Pedal Crush is simply the most comprehensive look at guitar pedals I have ever seen. Beautifully photographed and meticulously researched, I believe it is an incredibly useful resource for producers, engineers, and sound crafters alike. Inside are tips and tricks, interviews with some of the artists that use the pedals, plus some of the manufacturers and brands that created them. It was inspiring to browse through pages, tempting me to go online and start hunting for some specimens I was not familiar with!

So, whether you are trying to help a guitar or bass player craft a special tone, or looking to bring something that a plug-in everyone else has can't deliver to a mix, you will find Pedal Crush a fun read and essential reference guide for all things pedals! Written by Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper, with other writers – including Tape Op contributor Alex Maiolo!

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