Decades ago I grabbed my soldering iron and whipped up this exact device – an adaptor to allow one to externally plug a 9-volt battery into a stompbox's power jack. Given that many pedals no longer feature a battery compartment, this type of adaptor can be a lifesaver. In the studio, I will frequently move players over to battery-only power in order to reduce AC line hum or ground loops – it's amazing how much I can clean up the signal with this simple trick. The D'Addario 9V Effects Pedal Power Adaptor's package gives us two (straight and right angle) 6-inch jumpers with solid, molded ends. The battery jack is bigger than I expected and covers up the entire 9 volt's top, keeping any stray wires or metal from contacting the terminals. Smart. Keep in mind that these only work with the current standard, tip-negative polarity jacks. Any polarity reversed, eighth-inch jacks or other oddball pedals (or voltages) out there won't work. I'm glad there's a nicely designed, clean version of my homemade adaptor, and I'd advise any guitarist or studio owner to pick a pack of these up.

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