The late Tommy LiPuma's career covered seven hit-making decades of music, and musician/writer/etc. Ben Sidran [father of Leo Sidran, Tape Op #135], who worked with Tommy extensively in the studio, does justice in telling the story of Tommy's life in this engrossing biography. From his upbringing in Cleveland to producing George Benson's breakthrough, Breezin', to amazing sessions with Natalie Cole and Diana Krall, Tommy LiPuma was the artists' producer, as the role shifted from company-man supervisor to musical collaborator and supporter. As Paul McCartney said, "Tommy was a fantastic producer. He would sit in the studio with us musicians and make every session a complete joy." Tommy helmed records that sold over 75 million combined – he was doing something right – and The Ballad of Tommy LiPuma tells his story over 284 pages with a rich, human tone.

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