Subtitled “The People and Processes Behind Self-Recorded Music,” this is a beautiful, hardbound coffee-table-style tome about making recordings that matter. Featuring excellent photos by Daniel Topete highlighting artists in their own creative spaces, as well as a captivating layout and design by Lawrence Azerrad [cover for Tape Op #132], this book is a treat to take in. However, at the heart is the amiable Spencer Tweedy [#132], who visited and interviewed over 30 self-recording musicians about their process, technique, history, and art. Self-described as “a book dedicated to the special sound of self-recording,” Spencer talks to a lot of recordists, several of whom have appeared in Tape Op, including Blake Mills [#115], Emitt Rhodes [#33], Mac DeMarco [#120], Jim O’Rourke [#16], and Juana Molina [#119], plus many fascinating others we should (and hopefully will) chat with, like Sharon Van Etten, Yuka Honda, Bobb Bruno (Best Coast), Suzanne Ciani, Open Mike Eagle, and Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz/SAD13). If you’re an artist, this collection can function as a sort of philosophical guide, proving that you are not alone in taking advantage of whatever is around you in order to capture recordings and make music. (And really; if you’re reading Tape Op right now, this book is right up your alley, so you should buy and read it!) Even a non-recording music fan will still appreciate and benefit from the thoughtful interviews and gorgeous presentation. You can’t go wrong!

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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