Gummy residue on your Sennheiser MD 421s and mic stands from overuse of gaffer/duct tape? “Original” Surface Safe Goo Gone goo & adhesive remover to the rescue. With a fresh, citrusy smell, this liquid cleaner will easily remove that grime-grabbing gumminess that bums you out when you’re handling equipment that you’ve spent good money on. I’m not saying this will make everything look as good as the day it came out of the box, but at least you can show your clients that you give a shit about maintaining your equipment. Simply daub a rag with Goo Gone, rub it into the affected area, then wipe it off. Good for most metal, plastic, finished wood surfaces, and durable fabrics – not awesome for sheetrocked walls or gentle fabrics. Read recommendations on Goo Gone’s web site if you’re concerned about surface damage. Though use on rubber is not recommended, I’ve cleaned up tons of sticky mic cables with it. Don’t use this solvent directly on electronics or anywhere near a microphone capsule (duh). Available in multiple strengths and container options for varied purposes.

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