At my studio, Jackpot! Recording, while setting up for a tracking session I get pretty obsessive about fixing the little problems that annoy me. One of these “little” irritations is finding appropriate, safe, and durable mic clips for every microphone. One of my favorite pair of vintage mics are my Gefell M582 small diaphragm tube condensers – amazing for string sessions, grand piano, and quieter drums. At 25 mm in diameter (under 1-inch), this mic is an odd size for mic clips – larger than the Neumann KM 184 (22 mm) or Shure SM81 (20 mm), yet completely unable to use a Shure SM57-style tapered clip (23 mm to 32 mm). I’d been using those infernal spring mic clips, but having seen one explode and drop a mic during tracking once, I’ve been wary ever since! The Audio-Technica AT8470 is perfect for mics this size, with A-T’s Quiet-Flex plastic grip that will expand and snugly hold any mic 25 mm or a little wider, and a durable metal base with the typical 5/8-inch-27 thread. Given the flex, it will also hold tapered mic bodies smaller than an SM57, and there’s a slightly larger AT8456A (I bought some of these too) made for wireless transmitters that can comfortably hold typical dynamic mics. Note that A-T’s website forgoes clip dimensions; so keep the info above in mind when ordering!

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