In case you’ve missed it, Redco is making two inexpensive tools that will turn some blank space in your DB-25 patchbay into something you can actually use. First: a 4x2 mult in a DB-25 backshell for $30 – plug this into the back of a D-sub based patchbay and you have instant mult points. Infinitely useful, maintenance-free, and fairly difficult to fabricate otherwise. Second: a Ghostbusters floor-trap style snake box with your choice of XLR female, XLR/TRS combo jacks, or XLR male (re-amp party!) on top, and a DB-25 female connector on the side. These come in eight, 16, and 24-channel configurations. The eight-channel box is $95 and is built like a ship! I added 24-channels of tie lines to my control room in 20 minutes with cable I had sitting around already!

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