For effects pedals with an expression input, consider using the Expression Knob by El Garatge. It’s well made, saves space, and is easy to use – I love it! This L-shaped device has a 1/4-inch TRS right-angle male connector at one end, a knob approximately 1/2-inches in diameter at the other end, and a one-inch resin body in the middle. Plug the connector into the expression input on your effects pedal and the knob sits at the height of an effects pedal’s controls. By turning the knob clockwise and counter-clockwise, your fingers emulate the up and down function of a traditional expression foot pedal. The knob turns smoothly, but also has the perfect amount of tension to avoid sweeping through sounds too quickly. As explained by El Garatge’s founder, Oriol Domingo, the Expression Knob receives voltage from the pedal it’s connected to “and returns a fraction of that voltage.”

The El Garatge website states the “Knob is made of CNC-machined aluminum. The rest of the body is 3D-printed with resin.” The resin body is very sturdy, the parts have a solid fit, and the textured aluminum knob provides grip. The Expression Knob works perfect with my Montréal Assembly Count to 5 pedal! See the El Garatge website for a list of pedals the Expression Knob has been tested with. Made in Spain. Affordable. Excellent functionality. Cool packaging. Highly recommended!

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