Every time one moves into a new studio space, which I have done several times for various reasons, we’re presented with new challenges in treating the room sonically. My new studio is one large space, primarily for mixing, but there will undoubtedly be the need for tracking at times. My last room was pretty tight sonically and size-wise, and I could get away with light overdub duties like vocals, percussion, and acoustic guitars. However, neighbors complained about all sorts of things; “Is your dog eating a bone?” Electric guitars, and definitely drums, were not options – not that I had the space for drum tracking anyway.

I have collected a ton of excellent sound treatment over the years, ranging from bass traps, 2-foot x 4-foot absorption panels, diffusion panels, clouds, etc. Some of it stayed in storage, and some went to friends that could use it when I could not. In my new space, I could use almost all the treatment I’d collected, but I still had some spots that required treating.

I had purchased and reviewed Primacoustic’s Stratus Broadband Ceiling Cloud [Tape Op #114] and Element Acoustic Panels [#119] panels and liked both products. So, when I needed a few more specific panels for my new space, I looked to Primacoustic again. It is worth noting, one of the reasons I like Primacoustic panels so much is that their Impaler system makes the installation and removal of the treatment super easy and effective. I had the Element panels on the back wall of my previous room, and now they are on the front wall behind the monitors. They still look new and came down / went up quickly and easily.

In the new space, I needed narrow treatment to fill areas where 2-foot wide panels just would not fit. In addition, I wanted to tame the room a touch more while still retaining some of its liveliness – I still want drums to have some life with the ability to capture a room sound that has a vibe when recording guitars.

The London 10 kit includes eight 2-inch thick 1-foot x 4-foot Control Column absorbers and twelve 1-inch thick 1-foot square Scatter Blocks for taming reflections. Both types of absorbers are edge beveled. Rounding out the kit are 28 Surface Impalers, a box of drywall anchors, screws, and a 1/4-inch drill bit.

The treatment mounted quickly, looked stylish, and made a noticeable difference in controlling the small amount of flutter echo plaguing my space. The room still has some life but is more controlled and focused. The London 10 kit is recommended for rooms up to 120 square feet, but I was simply using it to fill in some spots and gaps with my existing treatment.

Panels are available in black, beige, or grey fabric and can also be ordered in a paintable finish so you can match your room’s existing aesthetic. I recommend Primacoustic products for their quality, performance, look, ease of installation, and price. For my needs, The London 10 kit nailed it.

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