There are not a ton of superlatives to use when reviewing a power conditioner – it’s well built and effective, or it is not. The Radial Power-2 surge suppressor / power conditioner is both and has a couple of additional useful features to boot. [See LC’s review of the Power-1 in Tape Op #147.] Why do you need this? Power conditioners can protect your gear from power surges that might damage your equipment. You’ve spent your hard-earned cash on those cool compressors and EQs, so why wouldn’t you ensure they stay happy for many years?

The Power-2 employs “shunt mode technology that avoids passing contaminated signals to the ground for lower system noise. Additionally, a high-rejection RF interference filter is used to keep high frequencies and AM radio signals out of the power line, preventing contamination of audio signals.” This means cleaner power with better fidelity. It has eight rear panel outlets, four of which are spaced wider apart to accommodate wall wart-type power supplies. An additional outlet is on the front next to a handy USB port for device charging. Also on the unit’s face is a tray (perfect size for a mobile phone) that slides out to a maximum of approximately five inches with dimmable lights on the bottom for illuminating your rack gear below. Bonus: There are seven different color options for the lights!

The unit is made of burly steel, and all components seem to be built with the idea that you’ll never have to replace it. I have several power conditioners for my gear, but I am using this one specifically, front and center, for my main monitors and monitor controller. I like having several open power spots for gear that comes through the studio for review and for miscellaneous items on the desk. The only character the Power-2 imparts, aside from its colored under-shelf light, is reliability and silence. Otherwise, it’s invisible and just does its job noiselessly, which is what we all want in a power conditioner / surge protector.

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