When I saw the Peluso ad for their shock mounts in the last issue of Tape Op, it immediately piqued my interest. I have several vintage microphones that do not have good shock mounts that Peluso makes custom shock mounts for. Shock mounts are one of the frustrating parts of running a studio, as they’re always breaking, and we never seem have the right one for the microphone that we need. I perused the Peluso web site and discovered that they make a wide range of difficult-to-find shock mounts for vintage microphones, as well as parts like elastic bands. They even make a custom shock mount solution for the vintage AKG 414 family of trapezoid shaped microphones. Custom mounts for Neumann M 49 and M 50 mics are available, as well as vintage-style pop filters that will attach to various vintage mics, and stylistically, look pretty good. I ended up ordering two pairs of Peluso’s Small Diameter Shock Mounts for my vintage East German Neuman/Gefell 563 and 582 microphones. Both the 563 and 582 are tube mics, so I want to isolate them as best I can, but the 563 is a little bit smaller than most LDC tube mics, while the 582 is slightly bigger than most SDC tube mics – finding a good clip or shock mount for them is always a challenge. I recently received the Peluso shock mounts, and they both solved my "not quite the size of any other microphones" issues. Both are solidly built, with heavy-duty steel frames and thick, heavy duty elastic suspension cables. The swivel mounts are solid and lock the mic down securely. The shock mount for the 582 is perfectly designed. Two oversize spring clips open up the mic clamp, which is lined with high density foam. The mount is durable, quick and easy to use, and feels like it will last for many years of service. The 563 mount (which will also fit a Neumann UM 57) is a bit more tweaky, but still quite solid. It uses a band of felt rather than foam to hold the mic, and two small thumbscrews lock the mic in place. So, it’s a little more work to get the mic in place. As the 563 has easily removable capsules, it’s practical to leave the mic in the shock mount and then store the capsules separately to prevent dust from getting onto the diaphragm. Overall, Peluso Microphone Labs has an extensive range of shock mounts and microphone accessories for a large range of mics, all at reasonable prices, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for solutions for difficult-to-fit microphones.

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