Folks, please label your patchbays: Not with a paper key that sits on top of the bays, not with a PDF on your computer, but with labels on the patchbays. For years, I made labels using a carefully crafted Excel spreadsheet. It worked okay, but when I found PatchCAD 3 I never looked back. PatchCAD 3 is exactly what it sounds like: Dedicated desktop software (macOS/Windows) for patchbay design and label printing. It’s fast to launch, well-designed, and easy to use. There are thousands of factory templates, the printed output looks great, and it is absurdly cheap. If you're a regular studio rat, the non-pro version is all you’ll ever need. For installers or wiring techs, even the Pro version is stupid cheap. Check out the website to determine which version fits your needs. I’ve also received fast and friendly replies from support emails. No matter how you make patchbay labels right now, PatchCAD 3 is probably better.

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