So my new roommate is a recording geek like myself, and he brought a bunch of cool stuff with him. One thing he had were these Event 20/20 monitors, which he suggested we try. I was a little reluctant as I'd been using the same monitors for years and was pretty used to them. But anyway, possessed by the spirit of discovery, I switched them and DAMN everything sounded a million times better. My old monitors will go unnamed, but their high end response is non-existent and the low end gets really boomy when I turn ‘em up. The 20/20s didn't sound "night and day" different, just a lot BETTER. The frequency response is so much smoother and the imaging is just wonderful. All of a sudden I could hear much more detail (can actually hear my computer crunching numbers…). I really can't say enough good things about these monitors; they are a pleasure to work on. You can listen to them loud without getting fatigued, and even better, they sound good really quiet too. The best thing is, they're cheap! $300 for a pair down at my local Wanker Center. My old monitors were $450 four years ago, and seriously, the 20/20s kill them. Highly recommended.

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