I can honestly say this is the best book I have ever read on synthesizers. It is the kind of book that you find yourself reading with your fingers stuck in various pages, all marking sections you are eager to devour. Featuring the "Hot 100" best keyboards, this Omnibus edition is the master tome of the Keyfax series of buyer’s guides. Within its pages, the mysterious workings of instruments from elephantine Hammond B-3s and Mellotrons to pocket-size Roland TB-303s are explained in a clear, experienced, and, best-of-all, near-giddy style. Like a Clinton Heylin of synthesizer literature, Colbeck deftly weaves fact and anecdote into a work that is celebratory as well as comprehensive. I highly recommend this book as both a buyer’s guide and as fireside reading for gear heads. (pub. by MixBooks, 1996)

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