Many of the new large diaphragm condenser microphones coming out lately make the claim that their mic sounds just like a Neumann U-67 or U-87. Sadly though, none that I have tried even come close. The irony of this situation is that when I recently tried the new Cad E-350, it's characteristics reminded me very much of the U- 87, although CAD hasn't made any claims that I know of saying that the E-350 sounds like a U-87. The E-350 has a comfortably sibilant top end without losing too much body. My main application of this microphone has been female vocals, and it's also a sure bet for acoustic guitar and cello. The most impressive aspect of this mic is the price. Sounding every bit as good as microphones that go for four times the price, the E-350 is a great choice for a home recording situation, or for anyone who just needs more great tools for their recording arsenal.

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