I own a number of stands and racks made by the Italian company Quik Lok. My current console sits on top of a castor-equipped Quik Lok WS-44 workstation. My last two mixers were supported by a Quik Lok RS- 958 roll-around mixer rack. The autolocator for my analog multitrack is on a Quik Lok QL-400 stand. And I've got my HD recorder in a Quik Lok rack. Yes, you can call me a fan of Quik Lok. In the various studios and radio stations in which I've worked, I've seen and used audio furniture from Nigel B., Middle Atlantic, SKB, Raxxess, Omnirax, Wheatstone, Argosy, and Anvil. (My own studio has furniture from the first four aforementioned manufacturers). The biggest bang for the buck? Quik Lok. I don't know how they do it. The US Dollar to Italian Lira exchange rate can't be that high! But Quik Lok's all-metal products, at one half to one quarter the cost of the competition's particle-board products, can't be beat. (www.quiklok.com)

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