I gotta say I LOVE Bob Moog's MF102. I got one when they were first released and I have used it on something on every project since. I've had the best luck using it as a mix effect on shakers, hi-hat, piano and on the repeats of an echo. Set at the lower frequencies, it does an amazing tremolo (square or sine). The higher freqs, in conjunction with the LFO rate, can give a whole new groove to shakers or any percussion. Of course pitch is always affected, as ring modulation adds two frequencies to the signal it's fed. The results can go from subtle to totally whack. The almost endless parameters are what make this box great and the level control insures any signal can be used cleanly or with big overdrive. Also, all the parameters, (save input level) are analog real-time controlled by: 1 turning the knobs, 2 using a CV (control voltage) foot pedal, or 3 importing an outside CV source (via back connections). This synth-module in a box is super well made, sounds great and can make a pretty pedestrian sound come out on another planet. ($299, www.bigbriar.com)

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