Ostensibly this is a promotional device (only $3.50, for shipping) for Royer ribbon mics, a product that we highly recommend here at Tape Op, but there's something that makes this CD a cut above. Sure, you may want to skip over an excerpt of "There She Goes" by Sixpence None the Richer or Jewel singing "Winter Wonderland," but there's ample audible proof that the R- 121 sounds amazing on electric guitar on many of the following tracks. The "something special" though is the Microphone comparisons with Steve Albini at the end of the CD. Steve goes through and compares the R-121 to other mics (Coles 4038, SM57, etc) and provides us with his wonderful dry commentary. We love ya Steve! Truly one of our favorite CDs at the studio these days. (www.royerlabs.com)

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