The AD2022 is two channels of discrete, class A, well-designed solid state mic pres. Big meters, DI inputs, variable impedance, 12 steps of gain, 3 dB of cut or boost at output, phantom power, variable low cut filter up to 180 Hz and a 20 dB pad round out the straight-ahead features present here. At first I was scared of this thing - I would plug a mic into it and hear sounds I'd never heard before, and I'd hear less mid-range grunge than I got from my other mic pres. I was initially worried that it was too hi-fi for the styles of music I record. But then I played with it some more - on snare, kick, vocals, guitar amps - everywhere I put it the mics opened up a little bit, bottom end on kick was more solid, vocals sat in the mix better, and my recordings started to shine. Along with my Geoff Daking 52270s, the AD2022 now one of my favorite mic pres and has taken my recordings up another notch in sonic quality - the only problem is that I now want more channels but at $3000 (list) per unit it may take me a while! Damn.


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