Synthesis Technology makes its MOTM synthesizers the old fashioned way: modular and analog. A modular synthesizer is a collection of individual units ("modules"), each of which shapes an audio signal. Modular synthesizers resemble telephone switchboards with all of the interconnecting patch cables. Those cables patch audio signal and control voltages through the modules. MOTM modules can be purchased pre-assembled or in kits. Prices range from $179 for a power supply, $229 for a filter to $349 for an oscillator. Kits are approximately 30% cheaper. I have accumulated enough modules (with the help of super tech Chris Spanninga) for a complete mono synth. A separate MIDI keyboard and a MIDI-to-control voltage adapter are required to trigger an oscillator to produce a specific tone. (Kenton Electronics makes excellent adapters.) The most versatile modules are the filters which can be used as stand alone signal processors. They can be used with existing synthesizers, drum machines, or any other line level source. I have all three of MOTM's filters. My favorite is the MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter ($279 assembled) which has three separate bandpass filters that can be swept independently by two separate LFOs. It creates some of the most amazing, unique and beautiful sounds from even the most mundane input. While modules require a power supply, the power unit can support over 20 modules for future expansion. The Triple Resonant Filter outshines any other filter I've used and alone is worth the cost of the filter plus the power supply. Paul Schreiber, company founder/owner, always responds quickly and thoughtfully to questions via e-mail or phone. Sample sounds are available on Synthesis Technology's website, or e-mail me and I will send you some of my own. (For much more detailed info about analog modular synthesis, see Analog Synthesis by Reinhard Schmitz,


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