Here's a great little item that can be useful in immeasurable ways: The Lehle 1@3 switcher pedal. Basically it takes a 1/4" TS, unbalanced signal and switches or splits it to three other outputs without losing any signal quality. It might as well be a direct, uninterrupted path as far as my ears can tell. I use it in my live rig to split my signal after my pre-amp to send one line to an amp, one to my RNC then to the board and the third channel, "C" back into a fourth output "C/B" which allows me to connect all my pedals to channel "C" which then feeds only channel "B" or my amp signal without degrading my signal path or affecting the direct signal sent to the board via channel "A". Pretty cool huh ? Anyway, I'm sure you can find many other uses. Also, this pedal is made like a tank - solid steel and built to last. Lehle makes a bunch of other great pedals like this such as the 3@1 (3 balanced TRS to one TRS) and the Dual which splits one TS signal to 2 separate channels with adjustable trim pots on each channel.


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