The MoPads are a set of 4 dense foam pads that fit under your studio monitors to isolate them from low end acoustic coupling that occurs all too frequently in studios. The pads go two to a speaker, one on each side, and since they provide a slightly downward-facing angle (towards the console) there are some triangle wedges provided to even out this angle, if desired. My speakers sit on a board that lays across two speaker stands, and the monitors (Dynaudio BM 6A) have sat on top of mouse pads to slightly decouple them. When I placed one of the monitors on MoPads instead, and fed the speakers mono source material which I could pan left and right, the first thing I noticed was that the MoPad speaker was slightly lighter in the low end due to the loss in coupling. Then I noticed that despite this fact it was easier to hear what was going on in the low end on that speaker, whereas the one without the pads was a bit muddy. I placed pads under both speakers and auditioned a bunch of CDs I had mixed. The downward angle of the pads actually helped line the speakers up better with my head, providing clearer imaging, though in some studios the speakers might end up pointing too far down. In this case you would add the provided wedges, though this would raise the speakers up over 1.5" from where they had been. A few people commented to me that Auralex was asking $59.95 for a few pieces of foam, but the special, dense foam used in the MoPads isn't the same as the kind I find in acoustical treatments or in local "foam shops", plus I've seen these advertised for $30 lately, not a bad price for this much sonic improvement!


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