Since drummers are always destroying tom mics, it's not uncommon that the necessity to try something new on the toms arises. This time it was a Sennheiser 421 that was destroyed and an Audix D-2 that just happened to be sitting around. I was, of course, initially bummed not being able to use my coveted 421's on the toms, but the drummer's cymbals proximity to the toms would have made getting the bulky 421 a less than great placement anyway. But, with the tiny D-2, finding a placement that worked well for the sound of the drums as well as the phase relationship in regards to the overheads was easy. To my surprise, I even enjoyed the sound of the D-2 more than a 421. They seem to have a little more punch in the lower mids without being too muddy or nasally. Finally, the D-2 is equipped with an indestructible wind screen that anyone who's sick of replacing broken tom mics will appreciate. ($219 MSRP;

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