A doctor informed me that my ears had an unusual build-up of earwax. I have no idea if frequently wearing earplugs or even allergies might have contributed to this problem, and my doctor did not suggest a possible cause. She did suggest a solution: these inexpensive, non-prescription drops. The directions suggest using them for up to four consecutive days, but it only took one day for my ears to feel far better. I called the manufacturer to learn more about Debrox's effects. Their spokesperson made sure to explain that the drops did not impact hearing at the inner ear, but that clearing wax could enable sound to enter the ear better, and that a listener would perceive this change as better hearing. Applying ear drops and having wax loosened feels slightly awkward at first, but the rewards for me have outweighed this minimal discomfort. The doctor recommended Debrox by name, and GlaxoSmithKline did not identify similarities to or differences from competitors.

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