When I first installed my Polywell rackmount PC into my Sound Construction Isobox Post, I was not happy. The case fan in the PC vibrated with such vigor that it shook the whole rack. It was as if the Isobox itself was buzzing, not just the rackmount computer inside of it. The Isobox was functioning more like a giant speaker cone than a "quiet rack." The noise of the other devices inside my Isobox was greatly attenuated, so I knew it wasn't entirely the fault of the Isobox. I went Googling for solutions and came upon the website of Directron.com, an online vendor with a category for "Quiet Computers." I ordered the Pabst 4412 120 cm case fan because it's listed as "the quietest fan in the industry." Just to be safe, I also added a CA-PCS12 silicone washer and FAN-Sticks rubber "bolts" to my shopping cart. Disassembly of the Polywell's fan-box went quickly, and mounting the new fan with the silicone washer and rubber fasteners required no tools. In no time, I had the PC back together and rackmounted inside my Isobox. The noise level went down dramatically. I can no longer hear any fan noise. Instead, I hear only the gentle gurgling of the SCSI hard drives over the quiet whirr of the Isobox's four fans, but only when I'm nearby the Isobox. I can tell that the Pabst case fan doesn't move as much air as the fan it replaced because the Isobox's temperature readout for outgoing air went up a few degrees. But my hot- swappable SCSI drives still come out of the PC relatively cool (warm to the touch, but not hot), and the Polywell's temperature warning indicator never comes on, so I'm not worrying. (4412FGL $17.99, CA-PCS12 $5.99, FAN-Sticks $4.99; www.directron.com)

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