I recently updated my Logic Platinum installation to Logic Pro 6 and wanted to mention some of the additions and improvements (besides the slicker-looking graphics). One major new feature is the Project Manager, a way to keep all of your sound files and samples organized. Project Manager makes life much easier when moving projects across computers. Version 6 also introduces a very powerful channel-grouping feature that leaves me wondering how I lived without it in the past. There is now a channel strip in the Arrange window, which saves a lot of window- jumping. The new Channel EQ has 8 bands and an FFT- based real-time spectrum analyzer, which is both useful and fun to look at. Version 6.0 seems to use the dual processors on my G4 more effficiently, as I seem to be able to run lots more CPU intensive plug-ins like Altiverb than in Pro Tools for instance.

I was wondering about the impact of Apple buying Emagic. It appears that development has sped up a bit, and with the abandonment of the Windows platform, all of the development is focused squarely on Logic for MacOS X. This is great for me and other Mac users, but leaves Windows users in the cold. If you are debating the upgrade, I believe you can try Logic 6 for a month or so for free. In my opinion, there are a lot of improvements that justify the price of the upgrade, although your mileage may vary. (www.emagic.de, www.apple.com)

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