Leave it to Hosa, the audio industry's clear leader in coming up with innovative ways to mold plastic around wire, to come up with this family of ingenious products: short IEC power cables with a variety of male and female connectors. If you're frustrated with coils of overly long IEC power cables in your outboard racks, this is the solution. Lengths are either 12" or 18'', and two of the more novel configurations include the YIE-406: one male AC plug to two female IEC plugs (one outlet feeds two pieces of gear with nice short cables); and the 1' PWD-401 and 2' PWD-402 one male AC plug to a female IEC plug with a female AC jack molded to the back (where you can plug in a standard, short IEC cord or a second PWD cord and route it to your next piece of gear). And last but not least, Hosa has several short lengths (6", 1', 1.5' and 3') of IEC power cords to use with the aforementioned configuration or for stand-alone usage . For you gigging musicians, there's even the PWA-421 female IEC plug to male AC plug that turns any standard extension cord into an IEC cord if you left yours at home. I used a few of these to clean up one of my racks with great success and plan to buy more of them and redo all the AC in my entire studio. ($4.50-$9.75 MSRP; www.hosatech.com)

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