The human throat, unlike many instruments in the studio, is usually the one that gets the least amount of care and can end up taking the most abuse. Many times I've seen people blow their throat out during vocal sessions due to poor technique, allergies or recent colds. And of course, smoking seems prevalent among musicians and takes its toll on the throat's health as well as one's body. Sometimes vocalists bring in standard throat sprays but these contain alcohol, which will dry out the throat while offering temporary relief. A bottle of brandy/whisky has been an occasional "helper" on some sessions but frequently ends up screwy as the singer gets intoxicated and sings off key. Vocal Eze is an herbal throat spray that can help soothe and lubricate the throat, as well as work as a bronchio-dilator and as an expectorant. A couple of quick sprays in the mouth taste like honey and glycerin, sweet but not syrupy, with a hint of echinacea and licorice. It immediately feels good on the throat. Singers have reported to me that Vocal Eze helps with endurance and comfort during long vocal sessions, so I keep a few bottles around. I've been using it when teaching my recording workshops as well, as ten hours of lecturing wreaks havoc on my throat. Vocal Eze is one of those cool little products you can have around the studio that will not only save a session but will also send a message to your clients that you care about their health and performance. ($15 MSRP;

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