This was one of the neatest things I saw at last fall's AES show, but after Wes Dooley was nice enough to give me one, it was lost in shipping coming back from the show. So, after seeing him at NAMM, Wes kindly sent me a second one. I love simple, affordable gadgets that do something you never realized you needed until you see them, and then you wonder how you ever lived without one. This is one such device. A stereo microphone bar with width and protractor (angle) marks on it. An X/Y pair is easy, but what about when you want to do an ORTF pair? 110 degrees is a bit harder to guess at than 90. There's no guessing involved if you use this bar. My only complaint is that the metal with the threads is pretty thin, and I'm worried I'll be calling Wes soon to ask for a third one of theses nifty gadgets.

($19.95 MSRP)

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