Occasional writer for Tape Op, Jeff Touzeau has a relaxed way of interviewing people about recording music. In his book Making Tracks, he visits eighteen studios and interviews people involved in their operation or use. The basic premise is that these places-and the people who create and work in them-are special and influence the music made there. I agree. Studios include Peter Gabriel's Real World (which Jeff profiled for us and offers a different look at here), Bearsville, Compass Point, Miravel, Rockfield, Allaire, and the wildly adorned Roselane East (you have to see this place). The interviews are great, discussing how people arrived at the designs, what the use of the space is about, personal journeys, and more. The book is also full of color photos, many more than you'd see in a Tape Op article! I highly recommend this book and have enjoyed reading it. ($44.95; www.schifferbooks.com)

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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