The Atlas LO-2B is a quick-release mic clip adapter that basically eliminates forever the need to thread another mic clip onto a stand. One piece threads into the mic clip and stays there. The other piece threads onto the stand and stays there. Once installed, mounting a mic is only a matter of sliding the clip onto the stand. Want to switch mics? Just push a quick release button, pull it off, and slide another into place. You'll be switching mics in five seconds, literally (unless you have to wait for a phantom power kill-don't forget that). I would equate the handiness of the LO-2B to that of a patchbay; just swap and audition a different sound in a snap. Mic swaps and shootouts are way faster and loads more fun, and session setup and breakdown are much easier. Another advantage here is that the threads on the stands and mic clips aren't getting worn out; think about the price of a Neumann shockmount, and these little guys start to make a lot of sense. The only annoying thing I have found is that when the LO-2B is in the clip of certain mics (like an MD 421), the mic doesn't fit back in its case all that well. At around $20 a pop, these suckers can add up if you plan to outfit a well-stocked mic closet. However, after working in a studio fully equipped with the LO-2Bs, I find them indispensable. If you thought Velcro sneakers were a good idea, get yourself some LO-2Bs right away. ($20 street;

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