Our pal Diane Gershuny turned us onto this handy little studio organization tool at the Austin NAMM show and sent us a few to try out. AudioSkin is one of those plastic products that wraps around loose cabling and turns it into one neat bundle of cables that's easier to deal with. The super cool thing about it, however, is that it comes with another molded plastic tool that allows you to wrap AudioSkin around cables even if the ends are too big to fit into the cable wrap. It even works when both ends are plugged in to pieces of gear! One day we were doing a mix session with the 2-track machine relocated where its cables were very much in the way of foot traffic. "Dudes!" I shouted enthusiastically, "I got this new gadget that's gonna' work perfectly for this," and I went and got some AudioSkin. I had to study the box to figure it out, but it worked perfectly. Amazing! A useful, simple, and innovative little piece of gear brought to you by the miracles of chemistry and plastics and those inventive folks at AudioSkin. (Price varies according to length; www.audioskin.net)

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