Here's a simple yet brilliant product-a Shure SM57 that's been modified with a right-angle bend between its head and body. The bend allows for far easier positioning, especially on drums. When you consider the length of a stock SM57 plus the XLR connector and cable, you're gaining a significant amount of real estate. All around the drum kit, the modified mic will be appreciated by engineer and drummer alike. I can't even count how many times I've had to accept a less-than-perfect snare-mic placement because of the proximity of the hi-hats, snare, and rack tom. With the G5790, one can sneak in there with a nearly perpendicular placement of the capsule to the skin or with an otherwise impossible position that maximizes hi-hat rejection (which can make or break a drum recording). You can also hang the G5790 off the handle on a guitar amp and place it perpendicularly without a mic stand. I think live sound engineers are going to want these micsforthisreason.Granellihasdesignedwhatlookslikean elbowthatattachesthetwosectionsofthemic,beingcareful to maintain the original volume of the chamber behind the capsule, as this affects the sound of the mic. They've certainly done their math correctly because the G5790 sounds just like a straight-up 57. This purchase is a no-brainer. ($149.99 direct,$419.993-pack;

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