I trusted Tekserve in New York when they recommended the Glyph GT 050Q. It definitely ranks among the best recommendations I've ever received (not just because I like the convenience of it taking an IEC cable and not needing an outboard power supply). A few weeks ago, my hard drive died during a session, which was a rather stressful experience. Fortunately, I'd only had the drive for about 23 months, because I quickly discovered that Glyph includes free "Level 1" data recovery for two years if the drive mechanism fails. Today, my hard drive arrived at my door, with all of the data restored, free of charge; my only expense was shipping to Ithaca, NY. Even the phone support at Glyph was friendly and helpful. Glyphs cost a tiny bit more than, for example, comparable Lacie drives, but the peace of mind that comes with free data recovery on a failure is well worth the small difference in price! (Having backups spared me stress while the drive was in transit, and I'm going to keep up that habit, no matter Glyph's helpful policies.) GT 050Q drives are equipped with Seagate mechanisms (up to 1.5 TB capacity); FW800, FW400, USB 2.0, and eSATA interfaces; an internal power supply; and a high-quality aluminum and steel enclosure. In addition to two years of data recovery, Glyph includes a three-year warranty and one-year of free overnight advance replacement. (www.glyphtech.com)

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