This is a great, handy device that tames the resonant peak of your guitar pickup. Electronically and ergonomically designed specifically for pedal steel players -there's a handy clip for attaching it to your steel leg, and the I/O jacks are on the top and bottom -it ultimately works great with any instrument equipped with a high-impedance magnetic pickup. I'm a fan of this subtle type of control and have tried a few products over the years, including the "drag" control found on Radial Engineering's Dragster and some DI boxes, as well as Sarno's souped-up Black Box tube buffer (Tape Op #50). I find playing a guitar through devices like this makes the strings seem more "connected" to the instrument and amplifier. The strings seem more responsive, though not necessarily louder. And the signal improves dramatically when the unit is used before a long chain of effects pedals. Sarno hits the nail on the head with this extremely well-built, sturdy, MXR-sized box, and I heartily recommend it as one of those great studio tools to have on hand that can make your signal path "just that much better." ($135 direct;

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