I’ve been using that same crap splicing tape that most everyone uses. You know, that thin white stuff that holds better to skin than tape. I found a much better solution sold by Splicit. It’s made of strong acrylic polyester. The pressure-sensitive coating grabs just enough when you’re getting set and then holds well once you need to commit the join. It’s also reasonably forgiving should you need to lift it and start over. The roll I received was 82 ft long and was a fluorescent blue color, which is easy to see in low-light situations. Splicit also makes 1/2’’ tape, but I couldn’t find any for 1’’ or 2’’ at this time. Check it out. (1/4’’ $7.99 direct, 1/2’’ $12.99; www.splicit.com)

–Garrett Haines, www.treelady.com

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