This is perfect. A simple and effective way to adjust the toe- in or angle of your speakers for perfect symmetry. How did we do this before? With protractors? I was pretty much guessing with a tape measure last time I set up my control room. First you set up your stereo or surround speakers so they are firing on the same plane, not angled in at all. Then you set your iOS or Android device on top of the first speaker parallel with the top edge. Hit the button in SpeakerAngle and rotate the speaker inward, and the angle is displayed. The button lights green within 3 degrees of 30 degrees rotation. You can toe-in up to 50 degrees (are you really sitting that close?), hit the button, and it freezes and goes orange. Then move over to the next speaker and perform the same action, and the app will remember where you set the first angle, and the button will become yellow. Detailed instructions are included in the app, but I tried it without reading them and got it right the first time. This is an affordable, effective, and handy tool. If you have a recent-ish iOS or Android device, you should grab SpeakerAngle right now from iTunes App Store or Google Play. ($0.99;, -LC 

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